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TextBlockHelper Class

Attached property provider which adds the read-only attached property IsTextTrimmedProperty to the framework's TextBlock control. Can be used to e.g. show a dynamic tool tip with the full text, that shows up only if the text is really trimmed.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  TomsToolbox.Wpf
Assembly:  TomsToolbox.Wpf (in TomsToolbox.Wpf.dll) Version:
public static class TextBlockHelper

The TextBlockHelper type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberGetIsAutomaticToolTipEnabled
Gets a value indicating if the automatic tool tip is enabled on this text block or not.
Public methodStatic memberGetIsTextTrimmed
Gets the value of the IsTextTrimmed attached property.
Public methodStatic memberSetIsAutomaticToolTipEnabled
Sets a value indicating if the automatic tool tip is enabled on this text block or not.
Public fieldStatic memberIsAutomaticToolTipEnabledProperty
Identifies the IsAutomaticToolTipEnabled attached property.


Public fieldStatic memberIsTextTrimmedProperty
Identifies the IsTextTrimmed attached property


Attached Properties
Public attached propertyIsAutomaticToolTipEnabled
Set this property to true to enable automatic evaluation of the IsTextTrimmed attached property. This property is used by the style identified with the AutoToolTipTextBoxStyle to display of a tool tip only if the text of the text block is trimmed.
Public attached propertyIsTextTrimmed
If the IsAutomaticToolTipEnabled attached property is set to true on a text block, this property reflects if the text inside the text block is trimmed, i.e. not fully visible.
Remember to use NotifyOnTargetUpdated=True for bindings, if you need the TextBlockHelper to react to changes to the TextBlock.Text property!
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