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ICommandSourceFactory Interface

Namespace:  TomsToolbox.Wpf.Composition
Assembly:  TomsToolbox.Wpf (in TomsToolbox.Wpf.dll) Version: (
public interface ICommandSourceFactory

The ICommandSourceFactory type exposes the following members.

Public propertyDescription
Gets the tool tip to be shown in the UI. Usually this is a localized text describing the command.
Public propertyGroupName
Gets the name of the group that this command belongs to. If different group names are specified for a target region, the commands can be grouped and the groups separated by a Separator.
Public propertyHeader
Gets the header to be shown in the UI. Usually this is a localized text naming the command.
Public propertyIcon
Gets the icon to be shown in the UI, or null to show no icon.
Public propertyIsCheckable
Gets a value indicating whether the control associated with this instance should be checkable, e.g. a MenuItem with IsCheckable or a ToggleButton in a tool bar.
Public propertyShowTextOnButtons
Gets a value indicating whether to show the header text when this command is bound to a button. If false, only the icon should be displayed.
Public propertySubRegionId
Gets the id of the region sub-items can register for.
Public propertyTag
Gets a tag that can be bound to the target objects tag.
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