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ResourceKeys Class

A static class providing the resource keys for the theme resources.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  TomsToolbox.Wpf
Assembly:  TomsToolbox.Wpf (in TomsToolbox.Wpf.dll) Version: (
public static class ResourceKeys

The ResourceKeys type exposes the following members.

Public fieldStatic memberAutoToolTipTextBoxStyle
A style for text boxes that automatically sets the tool tip if the text is trimmed.
Public fieldStatic memberAutoToolTipTextBoxStyleKeyName
The key name for the AutoToolTipTextBoxStyle
Public fieldStatic memberCompositeMenuStyle
A style to build composite menus.
Public fieldStatic memberCompositeMenuStyleKeyName
The key name for the CompositeMenuStyle
Public fieldStatic memberControlWithValidationErrorToolTipStyle
A control that shows validation errors in the tool tip.
Public fieldStatic memberControlWithValidationErrorToolTipStyleKeyName
Public fieldStatic memberDataGridCellStyle
A copy of the original data grid cell style, extended with VerticalAlignment binding to control the vertical alignment of the content via the DataGrid.VerticalContentAlignment property. Also adds support for padding.
Public fieldStatic memberDataGridCellStyleKeyName
The key name for the DataGridCellStyle
Public fieldStatic memberDataGridRowCheckBoxStyle
Data grid with check boxes for row selection: Style to be applied to the check box inside the row header template.
Public fieldStatic memberDataGridRowCheckBoxStyleKeyName
The key name for the DataGridRowCheckBoxStyle
Public fieldStatic memberListBoxItemCheckBoxStyle
List box/list view with check boxes: Style to be applied to the check box inside item or cell template. See e.g.
Public fieldStatic memberListBoxItemCheckBoxStyleKeyName
The key name for the ListBoxItemCheckBoxStyle
Public fieldStatic memberSharedWidthContainerStyle
Resource key for a style applying a shared with to associated container controls.
Public fieldStatic memberSharedWidthContainerStyleKeyName
The key name for the SharedWidthContainerStyle
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