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TomsToolbox.Core Namespace

Core clases and functions that only depend on System functions. Available as .Net4.0 client and also as portable class library for Silverlight, WindowsPhone, etc.
Public classAssemblyExtensions
Extension methods for assemblies.
Public classAutoWeakIndexerTKey, TValue
A thread safe, DictionaryTKey, TValue like implementation that populates it's content on demand, i.e. calling indexer[key] will never return null. The cache has only weak references to the values, so the values may come and go.
Public classCollectionExtensions
Extensions methods to ease dealing with collections.
Public classDateTimeOperations
Additional operations for DateTime and TimeSpan.
Public classDefaultValue
Helper methods to get the default value for a type when the type is only available at runtime.
Public classDelegateComparerT
Public classDelegateEqualityComparerT
Public classDisposable
Helper methods to ease robust implementation of the IDisposable pattern.
Public classEnumerate
Some enumerators for various scenarios.
Public classEnumExtensions
Extension methods to ease dealing with Enum types.
Public classExceptionExtensions
Extension methods to ease dealing with exceptions.
Public classHashCode
Helper to generate hash codes
Public classMathExtensions
Extension methods for math operations.
Public classMaybeT
Public classMaybeExtensions
Public classObjectExtensions
Extensions for any objects.
Public classPluginModuleAttribute
Denotes an assembly as a loadable module.

Categories may be assigned to implement dynamic loading of modules by category.

Public classPropertySupport
Provides support for extracting property information based on a property expression.
Public classRealTimeService
Time service returning the actual system values from DateTime.
Public classRegexExtensions
Extension methods for Regex.
Public classSequenceAttribute
General usable sequence attribute to assign sequences to any object that may need to be e.g. sorted by some means.
Public classTextEventArgs
Event arguments for events that deal with text, e.g. text changed or text received.
Public classTryCastExtension
Public classTryCastWorkerTValue
Public classTryCastWorkerTValue, TResult
Public classTryCastWorkerBaseTValue, TResult
Provide fluent notation for try-casting types and returning a result.
Public classWeakEventListenerTTarget, TSource, TEventArgs
Implements a weak event listener that allows the owner to be garbage collected if its only remaining link is an event handler.
Public classCode exampleWeakEventSourceTEventArgs
A simple weak event source implementation; useful for static events where you don't want to keep a reference to the event sink.
Public classWeakReferenceT
A typed version of the WeakReference
Public classWeakReferenceSetT
A simple set of weak references.
Public interfaceINotifyChanged
Interface implemented by objects that support a generic changed event.
Public interfaceITimeService
A service providing the current date or time. Very useful to decouple code from the static DateTime methods, to make code that has dependencies to date or time testable.
Public interfaceIWeakEventListener
Common interface for weak event listener.