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TomsToolbox.Wpf Namespace

Classes and functions for WPF applications.
Public classBehaviorCollection
A collection of Behavior objects.
Public classBindingErrorTracer
Helper class to detect binding errors during debugging.

All functionality is only active if a debugger is attached.

Public classCode exampleBindingRelay
A simple helper to relay the data context to objects that don't live in the visual tree.
Public classCanvasAnchor
Anchors for a canvas to specify two coordinates in one single operation specifying a Point.
Public classColumnDefinitionCollection
A collection of ColumnDefinition objects.
Public classDateTimeSource
Provides values for date and time suitable for bindings.
Public classDelegateCommand
A simple, straight forward delegate command implementation that does not make use of the command parameter. For usage see MVVM concepts.
Public classDelegateCommandT
A simple, straight forward delegate command implementation. For usage see MVVM concepts.
Public classDependencyObjectExtensions
Extensions methods to ease dealing with dependency objects.
Public classDialogCommands
Routed commands for dialog management.
Public classDoubleClickPanel
A panel that raises MouseDoubleClick events like the Control.
Public classGroupDescriptionCollection
A collection of GroupDescription objects.
Public classGroupStyleCollection
A collection of GroupStyle objects.
Public classImageExtensions
Extension for the Image class:
Public classInputBindingTemplate
A container to host the source InputBindingCollection. Must be a FrameworkElement to minimize binding errors.
Public classItemsControlExtensions
Extensions and helpers for the ItemsControl or derived classes.
Public classListCollectionViewListAdapterT
Adapter for a ListCollectionView that exposes the content as a read-only collection with an IList interface.
Public classMultiSelectorExtensions
Extensions for multi selectors like ListBox or DataGrid:
  • Support binding operations with SelectedItems property.
Public classNullCommand
A ICommand implementation that does nothing and can't be executed.
Public classPresentationFrameworkExtensions
Common extension methods for presentation framework objects.
Public classPropertyBindingT
Support binding to a property of an element when the target is not a DependencyObject
Public classPropertyBindingValueChangedEventArgsT
Event arguments for the ValueChanged event.
Public classResourceKeys
A static class providing the resource keys for the theme resources.
Public classRowDefinitionCollection
A collection of RowDefinition objects.
Public classSelectorExtensions
Extensions for the Selector
Public classStyleBindings
Extensions to support style binding of some read only collection properties.
Public classTextBlockHelper
Attached property provider which adds the read-only attached property IsTextTrimmedProperty to the framework's TextBlock control. Can be used to e.g. show a dynamic tool tip with the full text, that shows up only if the text is really trimmed.
Public classCode exampleTextBoxVisibleWhiteSpaceDecorator
Makes white space in text boxes visible.
Public classTextValidationEventArgs
Event argument for text validation events.
Public classTriggerCollection
A collection of Trigger (TriggerBase) objects.
Public classVirtualizingDoubleClickPanel
A virtualizing panel that raises MouseDoubleClick events like the Control.
Public classVisualExtensions
Extension methods to ease usage of Visual object.
Public classWaitCursor
Helper class to ease automatic display of the wait cursor.
Public classWindowCommands
Routed commands for window management.
Public enumerationTextValidationAction
The action to be taken after text validation.
Public enumerationWhiteSpaces
Classifies white spaces in plain text.